IT Consulting

Don't have a budget for an IT department or staff? Have a pressing IT issue you need resolved? We offer technical support services on a per-incident, contract or monthly basis. We have 15+ years experience working with Microsoft, Linux, Unix systems, Servers, Cameras, Networking and so much more. We take a tiered approach to find the best value for your needs.

This option is the most expensive but suitable for quick jobs. When you do not have a contract with Eclipse Network but are in need of services, even emergency technical services this is the option for you. If the contract option will be more cost effective we will suggest it during our free consultation

This option provides your business with 10 hour blocks of remote IT Support during normal business hours. If your business requires support with IT related tasks but not enough to require a full time IT staff, this option will provide your company with support at the best pricing in the industry. This service includes optional monitoring of your network and devices. If the monitoring option is selected, we will be notified if a device or service your company depends on has failed or is experiencing technical issues*. We will contact you to resolve the issue likely before you know its happened.

This option is based on a need or demand your business is facing. We will meet in person to go over the needs of a project or deployment, detailed notes will be taken and a quote created within 48 hours. Pricing depends on the estimated length of the project, difficulty level and tools required.