Phone Systems

Utilizing the latest technology from vendors like 3CX and Yealink we can create a professional phone system with soft phones (3CX client on Winodws, MAC, IOS, Android), automated attendants (IVR), phone directories, Call Queues (customer service), Voicemail, Fax, unified communications via the 3CX client, Video/web conferencing and more! Looking for a soft phone on IOS/Android/Mac or Windows? Our deployments include full support for these clients and more! Looking for an example? Give us a call @647-427-5383, our phone system runs on the most recent 3CX platform and our telephone provider is a has no long distance fees within North America! Switching to SIP for your telephony needs can save your business thousands a year. 

Unlike Traditional Phone Systems 3CX is incredibly easy to use and maintain. Once setup, your company can keep tabs via a simple web interface:










Pricing depends on your requirements. Deployments starting as low as $300!