Lorissa Becker

Growing up, I wasn't really the 'technology kid'. I was the one with her nose buried in a book, trying to get all her schoolwork done so she could come home and, well, read more books. I always had to ask my dad for permission before I could download anything, and I had no idea how a computer really worked. That changed when I was ten, though. I discovered how fun web development could be, even the bloated, locked-down version of it inside of another website. I started making pages for everything, even single-page sites detailing why my parents should let me do things. In short, I quickly fell in love. I took programming classes in high school, and quickly decided to go into Software Engineering at Conestoga College when I graduated from grade twelve.

College really solidified my desire to go into web design, development, and other programming. Despite the myriad of courses from Assembly to Java, my favourite remained web development. I did a stint with the Stratford Festival here in town while I took a year off from school, and decided to come back after college. After working for a start up I decided to do web development with my friend Dan, and Eclipse Network was born.