Technology Recycling

Have some old technology wasting space in your storage area? Need to have assets removed with data destruction?  We offer full removal service, with pickup at your office when its convenient for you. Depending on the technology being disposed of, there may be little to no cost to you or your business!

Old Equipment - No Data
Have some old equipment wasting space in your office? No important or confidential data? We will come to your place of business and remove your old equipment, recycling whenever possible. Pricing is set at a flat rate of $30 an item. If an item is over-sized (too big to fit in a truck) a surcharge will be added.

Old Equipment - Full Data Destruction
The service as above with data destruction. The storage media used in the old equipment will be removed and destroyed by a local business. Pictures can be provided if requested.

Modern Equipment - Full Data Destruction
Modern equipment is classified as anything manufactured within the last 5 years. All storage media will be removed and destroyed by a local business. *Free price point is biased on cost recovery from recycling the technology. Devices will be refurbished and resold in bulk.